• (map f)
    • (map f fold__17031__auto__)
    Takes a function `f` and an optional fold. Returns a version of the fold
      which finally calls (f input) to transform each element.
          (->> (t/map inc) (t/into []) (t/tesser [[1 2] [3 4]]))
          ; => [2 3 4 5]

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    3 usages in
    tesser.core 1.0.2
    Composable concurrent folds for Clojure.
    3 usages in
    madeinqc.tesser.core 1.0.3
    Composable concurrent folds for Clojure. Can now specify the number of threads used.
    1 usage in
    tesser.math 1.0.2
    Concurrent folds for statistical analysis
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