• (fzprint-hang-remaining caller options hindent findent zloc fn-style)
    • (fzprint-hang-remaining caller {:keys [dbg?] {:keys [hang? constant-pair? constant-pair-min hang-expand hang-diff nl-separator?]} caller :as options} hindent findent zloc fn-style zloc-count)
    zloc is already down inside a collection, it is not the collection
      itself. Operate on what is to the right of zloc.  We already know
      that the given zloc won't fit on the current line. Besides, we
      ensure that if there are two things remaining anyway. So now, try
      hanging and see if that is better than flow.  Unless :hang? is
      nil, in which case we will just flow.  hindent is hang-indent,
      and findent is flow-indent. This should never be called with
      :one-line because this is only called from fzprint-list* after
      the one-line processing is done. If the hindent equals the flow
      indent, then just do flow.  Do only zloc-count non-whitespace elements
      of zloc.

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