• (fzprint-two-up caller {:keys [one-line? dbg? dbg-indent in-hang? do-in-hang? map-depth] {:keys [hang? dbg-local? dbg-cnt? indent indent-arg flow? key-color key-depth-color key-value-color]} caller :as options} ind commas? justify-width rightmost-pair? [lloc rloc xloc :as pair])
    Print a single pair of things (though it might not be exactly a
      pair, given comments and :extend and the like), like bindings in
      a let, clauses in a cond, keys and values in a map.  Controlled
      by various maps, the key of which is caller.  This will return a
      style-vec (or nil), unless hangflow? is true, in which case it
      will return [:hang <style-vec>] or [:flow <style-vec>] so that
      the upstream folks know whether this was a hang or flow and can
      do the right thing based on that.

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    zprint 0.4.9
    Pretty print zippers and s-expressions
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