• (line-lengths-iter options ind style-vec)
    Take a style-vec, and output a sequence of numbers, one for each
      line, which contains the actual length. Must take the current
      indent to have a prayer of getting this right, but it is used
      only for the first line.  The ind can be an integer or a seq of
      integers, in which case only the first integer is used. Newlines
      can come anywhere in an element in a style-vec, it will account
      for both sides.  Will break lines on comments even if no newlines
      in them.  This doesn't count the length of comment lines unless
      [:comment :count?] is true, so that we don't format based on
      comment size -- that is handled with the wrap-comments elsewhere.
      Note that only vectors with :whitespace, :indent, or :newline are scanned
      for newlines, and if consecutive newlines appear, only the first
      is counted as a newline -- the second is counted as a regular 
      character. A single comment is counted as two lines. Lots of edge
      conditions that are really quite important.

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