• (partition-all-2-nc options coll)
    Input is (zseqnws zloc) where one assumes that these are pairs.
      Thus, a seq of zlocs.  Output is a sequence of seqs, where the
      seqs are usually pairs, but might be single things.  Doesn't pair
      up comments or #_(...) unevaled sexpressions.  The ones before
      the first part of a pair come as a single element in what would
      usually be a pair, and the ones between the first and second parts
      of a pair come inside the pair.  There may be an arbitrary number
      of elements between the first and second elements of the pair
      (one per line).  If there are any comments or unevaled sexpressions,
      don't sort the keys, as we might lose track of where the comments
      or unevaled s-expressions go.

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