• (partition-all-sym options modifier-set coll)
    Similar to partition-all-2-nc, but instead of trying to pair things
      up (modulo comments and unevaled expressions), this begins things
      with a symbol, and then accumulates collections until the next symbol.
      Returns a seq of seqs, where the first thing in each internal seq is
      a protocol and the remaining thing in that seq are the expressions that
      follow.  If there is a single thing, it is returned in its own internal
      seq. ((P (foo [this a) (bar-me [this] b) (barx [this y] (+ c y))) ...)
      Made harder by the fact that the symbol might be inside of a #?() reader
      conditional.  It handles comments before symbols on the symbol indent, 
      and the comments before the collections on the collection indent.  
      Since it doesn't know how many collections there are, this is not trivial.  
      Must be called with a sequence of z-things

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